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If your looking for a Tribute Band to bring your audiance back to the 70's then Timmy & The Po'Boys is the perfect fit for you! This group has re-captured the look and feel of The Creedence Clearwater Revival Band with their rugged levi jackets,shaggy hair cuts, beards, and one heck of a live show! They play the part note for note without missing one detail of the original Creedence Clearwater Revival recordings.

Over the years many bands have tried to find a front man that could imitate the unforgetable voice of lead singer John Fogerty of CCR but have failed to do so. Tim Walsh is believed to be the perfect fit for the job.

With his lead vocals Timmy & The Po'Boys has had no problem packing out Venues with Creedence Clear Water Fans looking to go back in time and remember how special this legendary band really was...

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